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Jeni's Letter: The Importance Of Stepping Back, Before You Go Forward

OK, so honestly? I’ve started and stopped writing this editor’s letter three times now. Three different topics and that’s not to the mention the days I spent brainstorming something deep and insightful to share with you.

The fact is that on one hand, Black Ballad’s editor Tobi’s shoes are hard to fill – I’m sure you’d agree. But also, I feel like I’ve got nothing to say. And that’s not me underestimating myself or the value of my voice, but it’s me being honest about the fact that for the most part, this year I feel like I’ve purposely disengaged from the world at large.

2018 has been a year of introspection for me. I had big plans and ideas, but life took an uncharted course with things ranging from bereavement to unexpected blessings, which meant that the constant treadmill of comparison I have often found myself on finally didn’t make sense.