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Jamelia's Letter: Where Are The Dark-Skinned Women In Today's Natural Hair Movement?

I became aware of the natural hair movement just under 10 years ago. I was inspired, motivated and empowered by the phenomenal black women who were committed to educating their peers and insistent on opposing the negative narratives associated with our hair. I joined the movement almost four years later while combating my own conditioning and the problematic excuses I made to continue chemically altering my tresses.

In the UK, as with most things, the natural hair movement was a little slow on the uptake but nevertheless, the health of our very own strand began to flourish. Around the time I did my big chop, I began to familiarise myself with the NeffyFroFro’s and CurltureUK’s of the community. I reached out to them and began to virtually find my tribe. Through the natural hair movement, we connected and began to explore other esoteric aspects associated with our black British womanhood - for those who have joined the cause it’s clear that the natural hair movement has planted many a seed that transcends hair care.