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It’s Never Too Late To Start All Over Again – Here’s How I Did It In My 30s

‘If I could start again, what would I do?’ was the question I posed to myself after turning 31, and I was annoyed that I couldn’t answer.

Where was the confident, optimistic and ambitious girl that wanted to conquer the world? Despite doing everything right – I studied, got the corporate job and worked hard to “raise my profile” and “add value” – I still ended up feeling unfulfilled.  

In the three years since I asked that question, I have been on a journey back to self. Challenging my thoughts and values, reconnecting with old interests and trying new ones. I even took a sabbatical and went travelling to physically get out of my comfort zone. I’ve now set up a business running pop-up yoga experiences and started working as a wellbeing specialist in a school – neither of which I even thought were options as no black person I knew practised yoga, and mental health was not a priority in my school.