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It Took The Global Crisis Of Covid-19 To Remind Me That I Still Need My Parents

When I moved to Belgium immediately after graduation I considered myself quite the independent woman.  A new job, in a new country, a new house and even new clothes. This was the opportunity I had been dreaming about since childhood. Finally, free of the shackles of my wonderful, yet strict, upbringing and freshly graduated from the glorified boarding school that is Oxbridge, I was giddy at the thought of my first real taste of complete independence. 

Whilst my friends questioned how I would cope, entering the working world for the first time without my valued support network of friends and family, I saw no other option but to flee the Brexit ridden mundanity and grey skies of the UK. So desperate was I to spread my wings and explore Europe, for perhaps the last time (THANKS BORIS) that I turned down a highly prestigious opportunity right in the comfort of my native London.