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If Top Boy Is Your Only Reference For Black British TV, You Need To Catch Up!

The announcement of the BAFTA Television Awards nominations and the release of the trailer for Netflix’s Supacell has brought up a conversation about the representation of Black people in television and film.

No, not the usual one, but rather a take that comes up when Top Boy comes up. 

“Why is this the only Black show out there?!” is often tweeted, with a sneering undertone. Or, “Finally, a Black show that doesn’t revolve around gangs!” someone says when they see a new trailer for a new Black-led show. 

Top Boy – a brilliant show – is by no means an all-around representative of the Black experience. It isn’t meant to be. But like any other piece of art, it represents some Black people's experiences. Rather, the show offers a glimpse into the murky criminal underground of East London.