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I Was Stuck In A Job I Hated For 10 Years – Then I Found Ikigai

Given current economic and social conditions, many black women feel like they are restless or stuck in a rut – this was my personal experience.

I studied a media performance degree at university and wanted to be a TV presenter. I graduated with a 2:2, which was not seen to be a good enough grade, one that carried an air of shame.

After eight months of job hunting, I finally got a role in the NHS – nothing to do with media – soon followed by a corporate job at a large broadcaster and telecommunications company, where I experienced bullying and imposter syndrome.

I was a black girl who did not have the right on air “look” – long blonde hair, blue eyes. Alongside my blonde counterparts, I did not stand a chance. But I kept my head down and worked there for ten years.

Thankfully, I found some release through volunteering initiatives at work and realised that I really enjoyed doing that kind of work. Around that time, I decided to quit smoking and when that worked, I felt empowered enough to join my first gym at 34 years old.