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I Set Myself A Dating Challenge & Here's What It Taught Me

The morning after our second date, a man we’ll call ‘Ade’ sent me a message. Ade and I had been on a lovely walk around south-west London’s Richmond Park followed by dinner in a cosy restaurant by the river. His message read like an abridged HR email received following an unsuccessful interview: Hey, I’m afraid I don’t want to pursue this relationship anymore. Thank you for your time. Bye!

Ade then swiftly blocked me.

The abruptness of the message and clear sign that he didn’t want a reply stung a little. But half an hour later I had an epiphany and felt great. I realised that I’d once been an ‘Ade’.

A few months earlier, I’d sent a similar message to ‘Greg’ after two dates and blocked him immediately after. I knew Greg was going on dates with other women and felt insecure about it. I dreaded him rejecting me so I made sure I got there first and was the one to have the last word. Was Ade doing exactly what I’d done to Greg? I laughed off both incidents, feeling proud of myself because I could see how far I’ve come on my dating journey.