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I Quit My Business, Got A 9-5 & Doubled My Income By Landing A Job I Was Unqualified For

Whilst everyone was talking about how terrible having a job was and ‘quiet quitting’ (doing the bare minimum in a job), I was fantasising about all the benefits of a 9-5. The thought of annual leave, sick pay and having a consistent income again, was all the enticement I needed.

For the last three years, I had been working for myself and trying to live the entrepreneurial dream. With the exception of the odd Tuesday brunch, it really wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. I was stressed and overworked and constantly anxious about my finances, clients and to-do list. I started to resent the life I had chosen for myself.

Even though I was consuming a lot of content about how bad the 9-5 life was, I formed the opinion that being an entrepreneur may be worse. All the entrepreneurs I admire had, at the very least, been hospitalised with either stress or burnout and had done YouTube videos crying about how hard it was. The thought of a job had never been more appealing.