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Why More Black Women Are Deciding To 'Level Up' When It Comes To Dating

Hypergamy is practiced in many different cultures and works under the premise that men should be the sole financial providers in a relationship and should give women access to a higher economic and/or social class. As we know, women have been stripped of the opportunity to ‘make their own way’ for most of human history and with limited-to-no access to education, employment and aid, ‘marrying up’ became the only plausible way for a woman to improve her status in life. Though this mentality may sound dated, many modern day women are now choosing to embrace hypergamy in their quest for love. 

Some argue that the concept of hypergamy alone sounds like it’s setting women way back: women in the West can pursue their education, make their own money and determine their own status in life, so if I can secure my own bag why do I need a man to buy me one? The firm grip of patriarchy is slowly but surely loosening up so why would we go back? It turns out that some women believe that hypergamy is giving them the security they desire. Who doesn’t want to fall in love and improve their standard of living?