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How University Led Me Into A False Sense of Security With My Parents

As the ancient Igbo proverb goes “The okra tree never grows taller than its farmer”.

Basically, it means don’t get too big for your boots. 

I like to think this proverb was developed specifically to describe relationships between parents and children. Especially black parents. 

Throughout my entire childhood I have been reminded of the fact that regardless of the heights I reach in society, I must always remain indebted to my parents for bringing me into this world and above all, never making the fatal mistake of having even the faintest inkling that I might be more knowledgeable than them on a particular topic. 

By their very nature, parents are required to maintain an aura of superiority, and of course, that works until you’re about 12, but once you’re a teenager it’s basically your job to challenge your parents’ authority on just about everything… unless your parents are black that is.