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Change Is Necessary: How These Black Women Returned To School & Started Again

Starting over can either be the scariest thing or the most exciting. Personally, I had the chance to start over this year and it was a mix of these two. It comes with a complex navigation of emotions because we’re most likely going to be changing our physical or social environments and essentially upheaving our whole lives.  

These two women – Ifeoma and Oyin narrate their experience starting over in their different fields. 

The Why

A strong reason can be the only why we need to see something through and honestly, it doesn't always have to be the most exciting venture. Ifeoma moved from Kent to London to do a Masters of Economics at Queen Mary University because she just knew she had to do it: “I always wanted to study Economics.”

However Oyin’s change in career paths involved a much deeper reason.

“I was going to law school in England but I felt very unfulfilled. It wasn’t my calling and I didn’t enjoy it in any way. I was thinking of the next step but being in lockdown gave me clarity of how dissatisfied I was of where I was in life.”