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How Society’s Obsession With Postpartum Snapback Can Endanger The Health of New Mums

The birth of a child is often a life-changing experience for a mother, which can also be overwhelming. For the benefit of a new mother and her newborn, it is important that she is in a sound mental state, therefore snapping back to her pre-pregnancy body should be least of her concern. However, at the stake of a new mother's mental, and sometimes physical, health, postpartum snapback culture exists and is enabled by her society to put untold pressure on her. 

It is important to understand that black women mostly bear the brunt of existing in the postpartum snapback obsessed society because of the Eurocentric beauty and body standards they are measured against. Therefore, as pointed out in this tweet, snapback culture is mostly borne out of fatphobia and black women are pressured twice as much to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies within a short while of having their babies.