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How Food Blogging Helped Me Level Up

As far as I can see, no blueprint exists, but the essence of somebody who proclaims to be levelled up seems to be steeped in possessing a strong sense of self and experiencing improvement in certain aspects of life. I had no idea that food blogging would be the catalyst for my next regeneration. 

One thing I am always trying to master is a healthy relationship with food. This is why I mulled over the idea of starting a food blog for so long. I wondered, would having one prevent me from reaching an optimal level of health? Would I lose all of my self-control? I decided to start my food blog Sio Eats despite having all of these doubts and worries and I am so happy that I did.

Moderation used to be a dirty word to me, but it is necessary now. It makes absolutely no sense for me to eat dishes that could suitably be hash-tagged as ‘food porn’ every week. I prep my meals at least twice a week so that I can monitor my food intake, and I plan what I am going to eat during my Food Tours in advance. Without discipline, having it all is a myth, and this applies to anything in life.