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How Can Black Brands Protect Themselves From Fast Fashion Copy Cats And Will They Ever Be Held To Account?

Under capitalism, fast fashion continues to feed our consumerist habits and the constant demand for new ‘in’ clothes. Clothes are produced quickly at a low cost then sold cheaply, which greatly appeals to us consumers. However, this mass production of clothes is maintained by economising the supply chain, unbearable work conditions, refusing to pay workers, and using unsustainable materials to make these clothes. Despite cutting corners in the supply chain, which has ethical and environmental implications, the fashion industry continues to flourish as a multibillion-pound industry. 

On the flip side, it’s an exciting time for independent brand owners, especially young Black women who are paving the way with their niche, bold, inclusive, and fun designs. This includes Farai London, Kai Collective, Sodah London and Misaiei, amongst many others. At a time where social media and the internet have given independent designers platforms and enabled them to access audiences they might not have traditionally, it also means success for these designers can come at a cheaper cost as they have less overheads.