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Hopeless, Hatred & No Trust: How Black Women Really Feel About July’s General Election

Register to vote by Tuesday 18th June to ensure you can vote in the General Election on Thursday 4th July.

Voters in Britain now need to show photo ID to vote in the General Election. You can check to see what form of ID is valid or if you do not have an accepted form of photo ID you can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate.

Rishi Sunak decided that summer was far too joyful and called an election for July 4th. However, the two main parties on the ballot appear to draw apathy and disdain from the electorate.

The Conservative government’s fourteen years in power have seen a rise in the cost of living and underfunded public services, increasingly hostile policies on immigration, their backing of Israel’s horrific actions in Gaza and, well, fourteen years of failure. We understand why it feels like they will not win this, but what are the alternatives?

The Labour Party used to feel like the safe bet, especially for the Black British community, but their support for Israel’s actions in Gaza has also lost the party a lot of core support. The Labour Party has previously prided itself on its diversity and its commitment to liberalism and social justice. But their treatment of black and brown members of the party and their reluctance to support trans people yet embrace any defecting Conservative politician despite their abhorrent stances makes me wonder what it is they do care about?