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How Black People With Anxiety Are Navigating The Dating Scene

What’s the most anxiety-inducing part of dating for you? The first date? The realisation mid-laugh that you actually like this person? Or maybe it's remembering at any point that your love could come home intent upon becoming a rapper, or worse - a podcaster. 

Whatever it is that makes your stomach flip, imagine for a moment you were stuck in a loop of that scenario. A situation where every date felt like the first, where butterflies weren’t restricted to your stomach but instead fluttered in knees, in spines and in throats.

For those of us with anxiety, the initial relationship jitters can last a lifetime. So, what does that mean for our dating lives?

I spoke with a couple anxious angels about their experiences. I wanted to know whether people took their silent panic attacks as nonchalance, or if they disclosed their diagnosis, and most importantly, what they wished people understood about dating someone with anxiety!