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How Being Made Redundant Put Me Back On Track

Back in May, I had just celebrated two years at a fin-tech start up and as much as I loved my job, I could feel myself starting to get burnt out. So when I had booked myself a few days off to do absolutely nothing, you can imagine how excited I was. The first day started off normally enough, I was having a lazy morning in bed but as FOMO had started to set in, I decided to message some colleagues.

Apparently, the atmosphere in the office was weird, so we joked that the company had run out of money and we were all losing our jobs. Thirty minutes later I got a call: that was exactly what had happened. The next hour was a bit of a blur, I had a quick phone call from our COO saying that it was all over but I wasn’t to panic because they had gotten me a job somewhere else. I have to admit I was barely listening, all I could think was that I had to get to the office. By the time I got there, everyone was either in tears or packing their desks up. The weirdest thing was this situation was something we had spoken about for the previous two years but none of us could have imagined it would happen.

Finance is the last sector I thought I would be working in. Writing was always the end goal for me. As soon as I left university, I didn't have much experience so I got an internship creating content for a healthy food restaurant. It started off great, I was learning new things, I got to create and launch campaigns, but it didn't end well. Two words: no pay. So I ended up in a customer service job at a cool fin-tech startup, with barely any industry experience and a bruised ego.