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Guest Editor's Letter: Why Black Women Should Embrace Their Love For Reality TV

I write this for all the black female professionals and bosses who enjoy watching messy reality TV but don't talk about it online or offline because society says we won't be taken seriously if we like silly things. There are very few things that black women are allowed to enjoy without being judged or questioned or undermined. We love ourselves, we’re called conceited; we love our work; we're called arrogant; we love the world we live in and we’re often erased. So when it comes to escapism from the everpressing burdens of this world, I have no hesitation in saying that one of my absolute pleasures is reality TV. I am not guilty about that and neither should you be. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to submerge ourselves in the melodramatic farfetched story lines that our favourite reality TV stories provide? Why should we be guilty about enjoying what is for the most part nonsensical, highly edited and overproduced theatrics?