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Guest Editor's Letter: Enough Black Excellence, Let's Celebrate Black Mediocrity Instead

Since graduating university last year, I’ve been struggling with ideas that I’m not good enough, or that I’m not doing enough. Although I have thankfully been employed for the last year in my chosen career field, it’s difficult to feel accomplished when I’m not doing anything ground-breaking. Scrolling through LinkedIn in particular has made me feel unworthy, reading stories of my friends starting businesses and charities and of course the ubiquitous podcast.

I noticed recently that I was particularly susceptible to these feelings when reading about the successes of my black friends. Not in a sense of being jealous of their progress, but feeling guilty that I wasn’t doing my part to bring honour to my community.

Search the phrase 'black excellence' and a number of images will come up celebrating the black ivy league graduates, doctors, and business people all at the very top of their respective fields.