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Founder's Letter: Why The Platinum Jubilee Isn’t For Some Of Us In The Black Community

No doubt many of us have been grateful for the four day weekend. With the pace at which life moves and the demands of work constantly calling and creating a never ending to-do-list that grows and never shrinks, this rest has been needed. For me, this four day weekend has allowed me to spend some much needed quality time with my family that hasn’t been cut short by deadlines and meetings and for that I am beyond grateful

Yet, to anyone who listens to me, which has mainly been my mother, husband and in-laws, I genuinely despise the reason why we’ve had this four day weekend. Now, some of you may say “despise” might be a strong word, but I can’t see how anyone with a conscience can celebrate this Platinum Jubilee. For the past 70 years, we have collectively funded the lifestyle and upkeep of a woman and by extension, her family’s because of the privilege of being born into a certain lineage. We, the hard working general public have given The Royals a life of luxury. However, you know what The Queen and Royals actually gave us? Nothing. Nothing but waves from expensive cars and palace balconies.