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Founder's Letter: Why I Don't Want To Share My Life On Social Media... For Now

In the last few weeks, there has been such joy in my life. I’ve been able to witness huge milestones for the people I know and love and even my own little family has had to cope with some major life changes. As I experienced these moments, I realised that for me, living through these moments and truly enjoying them has meant doing so away from the gaze of social media. 

I’ve been thinking about my relationship with social media and I’ve slowly started sharing less and less. Now I am going to lay my cards on the table and say I love social media and sharing in people’s personal and professional wins. I learn so much from these platforms, from how to decorate a property, to natural haircare advice, essential mum tips, learning about other people’s cultures, identities, viewpoints and more. To be on social media is a privilege because there are amazing people on the internet who share their lives with the world in the genuine hope they will inspire, educate and touch just one person with their pictures, videos captions and tweets. So as you read on, you may think I’m hypocritical because I love sharing in other people’s personal lives, but I don’t like letting people into my own? Yes, yes you are 100% correct.