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Founder's Letter: Why I Chose To Spend Part Of My Birthday Alone

Hello again. I had hoped that by the time I came back into your inbox the world would no longer be on fire and there would have been in fact, a ceasefire called, but alas, that seems to not have happened.

Since last being in your inbox, I am, in fact, a year older, but definitely don't feel any wiser. I just came back from dinner with one of my oldest friends, and we both said we feel like we have lived three years in the last 11 months. This year has seen me navigate the personal challenges of grief, family dynamics, and work-life balance.

So in a year that saw me both tested and tried (a story for another day), all I wanted to do on the day I turned 34 was rest. Rest and drink wine - specifically Asti Martini. Yet, what happened was even better - I spent most of the day by myself.