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Founder's Letter: Why Do I Struggle To Relax?

It is amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do. It feels like everyone, including myself, is in a better mood after a little bit of vitamin D.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a reflector and maybe more accurately, an over-thinker. I have dropped quite a few balls recently, so I decided to take a few Sundays off to gather myself, enjoy and celebrate some important personal milestones such as my wedding anniversary.

It always feels strange not writing on a Sunday night, but what feels even stranger is not doing anything on a Saturday. My Saturdays revolve around my kid’s extra curricular activities. Yet, this Saturday, it wasn’t my turn to take the kids to clubs and I struggled to relax. I laid in my bed listening to the quiet humming that comes from the walls and I constantly kept thinking I should probably get up and do some work, cook or tidy.