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Founder's Letter: When Will The Media Stop Pretending That Black Women Are Not Victims Of Gender Based Violence?

After last week’s letter, I actually wanted to do a complete 180 in terms of what I spoke about. Yet as a publication that is created first and foremost for Black women, it wouldn’t be right for Black Ballad to not at the very least acknowledge Elianne Andam. 

Where does one begin, when trying to address the incident? A social media post seems trite and even writing this letter doesn’t adequate, but what will? As a society, we should all feel floored by her death. We should all feel a large lump in our throats to think that this 15 year old with hopes, dreams and unfilled adventures will never get to fulfil any of them because a boy has felt entitled to cut her life short, all because he felt entitled to the affections of her friend.