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Founder's Letter: There's No Place For Priti Patel's Hypocrisy When It Comes To Afghanistan

During Brexit, I asked my father in law how he would be voting. He said: “remain.” He followed up his answer by saying staying in Europe is better for us economically but, nearly 30 years ago, he came to this country and has been able to make a good life for himself, his wife and his four children, so it is not his place to now shut the doors on those who simply want to do the same.

This is why it is always worse when I hear Black and Brown people be quick to spew out the rhetoric of the right that is typically along the lines of “taking our jobs” or “we don’t have space” for anyone else.

Yet, no one has been more hypocritical in closing the doors on those who want to start a new life in Britain quite like Priti Patel. The Home Secretary, whose family left Uganda to start a new life in Britain, ended up setting up a string of newsagents in London. So to be so harsh, or more accurately, be the architect of policies that limit or prevent others coming to Britain, a country that never fails to remind us it is a country with a global outlook with every chance it gets, disgusts me to my core.