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Founder's Letter: The Simple Truth About Navigating Friendships In Your 30s

Sometimes when writing this newsletter there are subjects I think about for weeks, even months before putting pen to paper, or in my case, hands to the keyboard and this is one of those weeks. Yet, it is the day after the Hope and Glory book launch in Peckham and my heart is filled with such joy because there is nothing like being a room full of black women and celebrating another black woman. To see black women come to our event by themselves and make connections with black women they meet for the first time and witness black women come in pairs and drink cocktails as they enjoy a night without the stresses of life - well it is really a honour to see and help facilitate. 

I guess being at the event made me think and reflect about the sisterhood and female friendships in my life. It made me think about what it is I want from female relationships now that I’m in my 30s.