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Founder's Letter: Surviving Lockdown 3.0 Means Trying To Find Joy In Its Mundaneness

I know a lot of people have found this lockdown tougher than others. While there are many reasons for this, no doubt it being January hasn’t helped matters. January feels longer than any other month in the calendar year. The days feel longer beacuse depending on what time you wake up it's still dark and by 4pm it's already dark again - and the temperature doesn’t exactly lend itself to be suited to long walks, socially distanced meet ups and picnics in the park.

In order to get through January, to get through this lockdown, I thought routines would be essential. Making sure I had tasks that I completed to give me some sense of achievement and maybe even purpose. By having my days planned out and routines in place, I thought it would help conquer the working day and help me have boundaries. I thought that having strict routines would help me know when it was time to work and time to rest.