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Founder's Letter: Start Paying Black Women & Stop Treating Our Businesses Like Charities

It is weird when you have a recurring conversation with different people. Sometimes I feel like it is a sign that I am supposed to do or not do something, or maybe it can be total coincidence. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been in new and different social situations and of course there are the usual, run of the mill questions and answers you exchange with a stranger you’ve just met. From “what is your name,” “how do you know the celebrant” or “how did you find out about the event” to “what do you do for work?”

The exchange of the final question has left me in deep thought lately. When people ask me what I do, I simply say I run a media company targeted at black women and some responses have been: “is it a charity?” ‘Or is it a social enterprise?” Or, "what is your full time job?”