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Founder's Letter: Riches & The Frustrating Reality Of Telling Black Stories

One thing I hope you know about me by now, is that I believe black people are worthy of good things. All good things. And good things come in different shapes and sizes and in different ways and from different directions and that is part of the beauty of life.

In January this year, I spoke about the tv show Riches - a show about a British Nigerian family who own a multimillion pound haircare company, but are torn apart by in-fighting as they value their individual net worth over each other. I said in that newsletter at the beginning it was the show we all deserved due to its authenticity, glitz and and glamour. And I’m really gutted to be referring to the show in the past tense, as the Riches creator Abby Ajayi announced via Instagram on Friday that the show has been cancelled.