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Founder's Letter: Primark’s Christmas Advert Shows The Importance Of Finding Joy In The Ordinary

It’s been an extraordinary week and mostly for the wrong reasons. Our government continues to be a shit show and circus. The latest clown in town is one we are all familiar with - David Cameron. I mean, it is absolutely incredible that the man who orchestrated the Brexit vote is back in a position of power in British politics. Add in our government’s decision not to support a ceasefire in Gaza, which I have no words for; we are well within our rights to say there is little to no hope when it comes to British politics. I guess we can thank God for small mercies, like the fact that Suella Braverman is no longer Home Secretary.

Then add in Cassie bravely coming forward to detail the decade of abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of Diddy, this week left little room to look at the world and smile. It feels that we have to be extra intentional about the things that bring us joy, especially when it comes to scrolling mindlessly on Beyonce’s internet.