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Founder's Letter: Love Island's Kaz Exposes How The World Really Sees The Beauty Of Black Women 

And once again, I am back in your inboxes. As I’ve said in this letter, rest is needed. Sometimes when we (read I) take a break from work, I have a long list of things I need to do; especially when I’m not travelling abroad. Yet, this time around, I just decided to spend as much time as possible doing nothing. Doing nothing has meant walks, catching up with my best friend, but its also meant I’ve consumed a lot of TV and by TV, I mean Love Island.

I know not all of you watch the scripted reality show about love, because it has never served black women well. Let me be clear I am one of those hypocritical black women that say: “why do black women go on this show?” Yet, come 9pm, there is a scramble in our house to ensure our daughter is asleep so we can watch every second of the show that sees men and women try to establish a “connection” and win that £50,000 prize money.