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Founder's Letter: Living In Britain Is The Ghetto - Why Haven't I Moved Yet?

As a Black Brit, a British-Nigerian or British-(insert the other country that makes up your identity), there always seems to be this constant internal battle in the back of your mind about where home is. Where do you belong? Why do you belong here? This often on-going debate exists in the back of my mind like two boxers sparring back and forth in a never ending match. One boxer sparring in defence of saying Britain, where I was born, lived all my life and paid taxes is my home and the other boxer fighting to leave, go back home or anywhere that isn’t England.

Like many of you, I guess the problem for me is where is home? Do I have the right, the entitlement to call Nigeria home, just because my biological parents are from there? Do I deserve to call Nigeria home, because despite a convoluted and long ass process, I can have a Nigerian passport?  Do I have the right to move thousands of miles from London and set up, possibly take a job and exercise my privilege in my motherland country, simply because I have an English accent and education? I am sure that some of you reading this will be shouting “yes, of course, Tobi you are overthinking this,” but these are just the real considerations that I’ve had.