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Founder's Letter: Kelly Rowland & The Disrespect Black Women Always Face

As soon as I saw the video of Kelly Rowland on the steps of Cannes Lions Film Festival, I knew what was coming and what type of articles and social media posts would follow. For those that don’t know, Kelly was posing for photographers on the steps of Cannes Lions, when a female security guard kept putting her hand in front of her, so she couldn't be photographed. You can see Kelly saying something to the security guard, which seems to be an attempt to cool things down but the security guard continues blocking Kelly and says something to which Kelly responds: “don’t talk to me like that.”

Of course what followed was headlines and articles from publications such as Hello that read: “Kelly Rowland's real personality revealed — diva or delight?” Or words such as “scolded,” “rage” and “heated” used in headlines that all clearly nod to that age old stereotype: “the angry black woman.”