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Founder's Letter: Kamala Harris & Why The Conversation On Representation Is Outdated

A lot has happened since we last spoke. On a personal level I have gotten a year older. I’ve watched the Nigerian government, like many of you, turn guns on its own people and murder young people, the very people who are the future and hope of Africa’s most populous country in a bid to silence them indefinitely. We are in another lockdown and the leader of The Free World is no longer a white supremacist. So yes, a lot has happened since I last sat down to write a newsletter.

As I write from bed on a Sunday morning, I will say I feel a little sigh of relief. The last four years of Trump and the toxic fumes of his racism and xenophobia has hung over not just America but the entire world like a dark grey fog without an ounce of light in sight. When America sneezes Europe catches a cold as they say and when we look at who is our Prime Minister - well, it feels like it is no coincidence that we also have in power a racist, egomaniac blonde with a poor haircut.