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Founder's Letter: Every Black Working Woman Can Relate To Dawn Butler

As black women, our existence in the workplace is often one that many of us find challenging. While I know my former sentence doesn’t apply to every black woman, far too many of us have spoken about how toxic the workplace can be. From the microagressions, the inability to show up as our full selves (avoiding eating the food that tie us to our identities, westernising our names, being deliberate in which hairstyles we turn up to the office with etc) to shrinking ourselves to ensure we aren’t labelled with stereotypes that don’t pause our careers, or bring them to a grinding halt. Navigating the workplace and being true to ourselves and our values as a black woman in the office is no easy feat.

That is why I respected Dawn Butler’s courage to tell Parliament that the Prime Minister lies and call him what we all know he is: “a liar.” Yes, it’s against Parliament’s rules to call someone a liar, but the leader of this country is in fact a liar.