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Founder's Letter: Celebrating The 200th Founder's Letter & What I've Learned From Beyoncé

This week I’ve asked myself many questions. Some questions have been heavier than others and some thankfully have been lighter and more joyous to ask myself. One of the more joyous questions has been what will I be writing in my 200th newsletter. Yes, since 2015 I have written 200 newsletters and I never thought that when I started writing my weekly musings, my words would make black women feel even more seen and feel even more heard by Black Ballad.

As much as I write these newsletters for you, black women, these past 200 newsletters (I keep having to type it as I can’t believe it) have brought me much needed routine, helped me make sense of a world that can sometimes feel chaotic, unkind and cruel at times. Yet, this newsletter has also been a place to celebrate and relish in the brilliance of black women, so with my 200th newsletter, I thought let me celebrate the brilliance that is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles.