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Founder's Letter: Can Black Women Really Embrace The New Era Of Barbie?

It often feels like pop culture has lost its originality. Every song feels like a sample, (I'm still not sure about Burna Boy sampling Toni and Brandy) and films are often a remake or in some cases a rehash of our favourite films. No matter if we like them or not, samples, remakes and rehashes all evoke feelings of nostalgia and while the new Barbie film isn't a remake if still falls into that category of Hollywood using the past to make cash in the present.

I'll be honest I have bought into the Barbie propaganda. I used the Barbie generator and I have of course, been stalking Issa Rae on the publicity trail. Yet, as I've become more engrossed in the Barbie marketing train and more intrigued by the film, I have asked myself how has Barbie managed such a genius rebrand? I mean Barbie(s) have caused harm to thousands and probably million of girls over her 64 year lifespan.