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Founder's Letter: Breonna Taylor & Sarah Reed Are Why Black Women Can't Carry On As Normal

Back into 2014, when Black Ballad started, many (including some black women) asked why we needed to exist? In fact, earlier this year, a black woman reached out to my husband to apologise for telling him that bringing a platform like Black Ballad to life would do more harm than good. Beyond being questioned why we created this platform, many said that Black Ballad wasn’t for them because we focus on racism, hardship and not enough joy. In fairness, I think that was and is constructive critique. We should bring joy to your screens and inboxes and I believe we have done a much better job at doing so over the last couple of years. 

Reading the words of black women who are living life in the most exuberant and unapologetically black lives while travelling, falling in love, celebrating job promotions and celebrating life milestones gives me a feeling like no other. While I wish every story on Black Ballad could be words that fill our souls with carefree joy - that is not the complete experience we have as black people, as black women.