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Founder's Letter: Black TikTok Creators Are Showing Us The Power Of Collective Action

Now, whew, what a week it has been.

I mean some weeks go by and nothing really happens in the news. But from MP affairs, resignations and a high profile conservatorship that violates a woman’s reproductive choices, to this government blaming the underachievement of the white working class on “culture wars” and white privilege. In terms of the the latter issue, that was what I initially thought I was going to write about and it would be a valid newsletter. However, the people reading this newsletter, especially black women, know that this disgrace of a government love a game of divide and conquer. You know that ruthless austerity cuts to housing, youth services and not giving the education system and its teachers the appropriate support are the reason for the underachievement of the white working class. It does tickle me how this government can recognise the underachievement of the white working class, but can’t seem to even fathom that systematic racism exists, let alone how the effects can be fatal to the lives of black people and other people of colour. Funny that.