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Founder's Letter: Black Square Summer Three Years On: The Campaign of False Hope For Black Entrepreneurs

It feels like it has been a week of miracles. The sun has been shining brightly, and dare I say it - summer is here. And finally, that absolute lying scumbag who was the 55th British Prime Minister has left Parliament. However, it will be a bigger miracle if he (whose name shall not be mentioned) doesn't land on his feet with a new job that does not offer a seven-figure salary within the next few weeks.

Speaking of miracles, I've been thinking about Black Square Summer. I said "miracles" because three years ago, some people thought that out of tragedy, a miracle was about to happen - a miracle where white people, companies, and corporations were going to really attempt to be allies. There were various declarations from women’s magazines saying they were going to employ more black female writers, companies thinking about how to tackle racism in the workplace, and retail companies saying they would be more representative in their marketing. We literally heard every promise under the sun.