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Founder's Letter: Being A Mum Made Me Realise The Relationship I Have With Myself Is The Most Important

And just like that I’m back. It feels like a lifetime ago, when I last sat down at my dinner table and opened up my laptop to write this newsletter. I’ll admit sitting down to write this newsletter feels like a little piece of me is awake again. It's like a piece of my mind suddenly feels energised but doesn’t quite know what to do. 

I will say when I don’t know what to do, is when I feel at my most vulnerable - but that is normal right? When I’m not sure of what to say to someone I’ve met, when I’m not sure what is the right decision to make personally or professionally, I feel anxious beyond measure. I have a personality where I must have all the answers. I don’t like being under prepared, I don’t like being caught off guard. Unlike my husband who takes everything in his stride and when something unexpected happens he simply just rolls with it and rarely gets flustered. Me on the other hand, I can lose sleep thinking about the endless possibilities of the unexpected things that can go wrong, so imagine how little I do sleep when something actually goes wrong?