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Founder's Letter: Abbott Elementary - A Comedy That Shows The Importance Of Having Friends As Family

There is no doubt about it, Abbott Elementary is my favourite show. It is funny, witty, the will they - won’t they between Janine and Gregory is so beautifully done and it gives us all an insight into one of the most important but hardest professions - teaching.

This week’s episode is without doubt my favourite so far. It featured Taraji P Henson as Janine’s mess of a mother and mess is putting it lightly. The episode isn’t just funny as per usual, but we truly understand why Janine is who she is. She is a fixer because its clear she was and still is responsible for fixing her mother’s mistakes. We now get why she is desperate for Barbara to be her work mum and why Janine pounces on every and any opportunity to get bring her co-workers closer together and establish family bonds between them all.