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Founder's Letter: 2024 Is All About Embracing The Small Wins

And here we are in 2024. Of course I want to start by wishing you all a happy and healthy 2024. I hope whether the last year that passed was wonderful or challenging, this year exceeds your expectations and gives you the kindness you deserve.

I am thrilled to let go on 2023. It was a hard year in many ways personally and professionally. I learned that being too nice in business is never a good idea. Yet, there was joy. The highlight of my year was flying to Nigeria and seeing my 99 year old grandma lift my daughter into her arms. To feel her embrace and see how she was besotted with her great grandchildren was priceless. Yet, that is the beauty of life right? It is a never ending journey of lessons that bring us electrifying highs and hard lows.