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For Black Women Enraged At Child Q Revelations

If you have miraculously not heard about the disgusting abuses of power and harrowing absence of safe-guarding in the case of Child Q, I am not going to rehash the details here. Much has been written about her experience at the hands of her school and Metropolitan Police, and you can read the report for yourself, if you can stomach it.

But if you have heard about Child Q and have felt nothing but anger that refuses to dissipate – you are not alone. The only word that can adequately describe the way I feel is “incandescent”; I feel like if I was to fully voice the rage that is bubbling within me, I would not stop ranting for a week.

Unfortunately, what many of us are also feeling is triggered, recognising immediately in those teachers and police officers a reflection of supposed “responsible adults” in our own lives who ended up victimising or criminalising us as young children. This reveals a younger version of ourselves who is still hurting perhaps, our adult selves having never really dealt with the various abuses and traumas we faced as children who should have been protected at all costs.