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Five Ways We’re Perpetuating ‘Toxic Male Podcaster’ Sensibilities In Our Careers And Businesses

The meteoric rise in toxic male podcasts has been very hard to ignore. 

Not content with being ‘loud and wrong’ on the right side of the block buttons on social media, they have now acquired podcasting equipment and graced us with their tirades on why wigs are the greatest social ill since heroin.

We know all about these ominous content creators and absolutely disdain them. However, what if we’re unwittingly practicing some of their backward sentiments in the spaces where we wish to make the most powerful impact for ourselves as women?

Drawing from my experience in corporate roles and now full-time entrepreneurship, I identified five of the greatest hits from ‘toxic podcast-ulininty’, how we as women may be perpetuating them in our career and business journeys and how we can stop the spread.