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The Financial, Emotional And Mental Burden Of Living With Chronic Pain

The lockdown in the UK has been a challenge for us all in different ways but one of the largely forgotten about groups are those of us who suffer from chronic pain. A study revealed that around 43% of people in the UK experience chronic pain at some point in their life, with a disproportionate amount of those people being from African and Caribbean backgrounds, so I am sure we all know someone who suffers from chronic pain.

Some of us require daily to weekly treatment in order to live somewhat normal lives. I personally normally attend one to two therapies a week ranging from massages, to osteopathic treatment, to reflexology, to acupuncture or other holistic therapies. For other people their weekly treatment could be physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment mixed with steroid injections. It comes as a surprise to people when they find out that in the UK a lot of people pay for their therapy themselves – or at least a substantial amount of it.