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These Black Women Have Turned Their Luxury Fashion Interests Into Investments

As someone trying to cut down on their shopping expenses and practice better spending habits, I’ve started to find myself justifying my (usually unnecessary) purchases as ‘an investment’. But as the clothes pile up and I continue to wear the same Nike joggers and oversized t-shirts – what am actually I investing in?

Usually, we see clothing investments as something that you wear so frequently that it pays for itself. But what if we started buying clothes as an investment to… *drumroll please* …invest in! And no, I’m not talking about purging your wardrobe and throwing all your outdated pieces on Depop for a third of the price, instead, I’m referring to using clothing as a way to generate income.

Now let me be clear, I am not writing this to preach to you that you need to be earning more money. In fact, during this cost of living crisis, I have become completely exhausted by finance influencers