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The Problem With Women Who Are Bi-Curious But Don’t Identify As Queer

I met a lady at an event. I wasn’t drawn to her at first because it was a work event, I came prepared to learn and she was one of the event’s organisers. After, we exchanged phone numbers for follow-up, and then we became “status viewers”, which is where I became interested in her.

I posted something on my WhatsApp story one day that implied I was bisexual, and she responded that she was too, but only a few people knew. From that point forward, the dynamics of our relationship changed.

We agreed to meet at my house one day, and the clothes came off as soon as she walked in. She stated that she was submissive and asked that I take command. So I did, shaking her entire being with ecstasy.

I gave her some time to recover from the orgasm so she could return the favour, only to find her booking a ride while cleaning up and talking about how her boyfriend is unaware she is attracted to women and that women provide the best orgasms. I have trouble expressing myself, so I couldn't tell her that leaving without mutual sexual satisfaction was selfish.