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#EndSARS Through The Lens Of The Young Nigerian Women Involved

It is a truth that in all moments we are living through history of some kind, but this felt more raw and real in 2020. Social media has this increasing ability to take you from knowing absolutely nothing about something one day to overnight having the intimate details of global atrocities. This was my experience with the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria.

I had some awareness that policing in Nigeria was rife with bribery; they weren’t the people you’d call in an emergency and ironically were more an added danger than protectors. This I knew, but the hashtag alerted me and the rest of the world to horrific individual stories, the frequency and scale at which this level of police brutality is happening and just how far those in power in Nigeria will go to save face.

We are still in the midst of the #EndSARS movement. For those who need an introduction, SARS, the Specialist Anti Robbery Squad, are a