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Editor's Letter: Why We Need To Talk About Black Motherhood In 2020

Welcome to 2020! 

So, I don’t have any resolutions to begin the new year with. I actually make my goals based on my birthday, rather than the new year. I think it just relieves the pressure of everyone asking about New Year’s Resolutions until they get bored a few weeks into the year. So figuring out what I want to achieve in the next 12 months is always feels a little easy to do when the world isn’t doing it.  

Like most people, I have professional and personal goals and of course, some of my professional goals extend to Black Ballad. When we first went behind a paywall in 2017 - the health of black women was my editorial focus. In a time where media was starting to appear diverse on a very surface level, I felt that our health concerns were not being addressed or discussed in mainstream publications. If I’m completely honest, I felt that health was being spoken about from the perspective of white women and white women only when there are distinct differences that need to be looked at when looking at the health of black women in comparison to our white female counterparts.